Below is a small selection of repairs our specialist have carried out on site.

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This shows Bad Wear on a sofa cushion and the repaired finish with the seat looking as it should do.  A common fault with some leathers.

This shows what can be done when the centre stitching breaks on the arm of a sofa, this repair was done in Surrey.

An example of how we can make the cushions come back to life on any sofa or chair. 
Most people tend to think they need a new sofa at this stage, when in actual fact all they need is a little expert advice.

Shows an example of the skills of re-colouring, the chair was very badly worn and faded, this customer in Dartford was delighted with the results.

This example is one quite common to us where a lady customer used nail polish remover to take off the nail varnish she had accidently spilled, (a good idea at the time) again our man did a great job and customer in St Albans gave us two other customer friends in the area who also had repairs.

This picture shows a tear in the leather on a sofa in rented accommodation in Cambridge done by the last tenant, as you can see the repair was a good fix and the estate agents use our company on a regular basis.

The back cushions on this sofa were

re- constructed giving it its original firmness. 

Job done in Manchester.

A bad scuff mark on a sofa in Swindon made to look like it never really happened.

"A great job"  was the customer's reply.

Wear and tear to a cushion, cushion was cleaned, treated and finally sprayed to reveal an excellent repair in Basingstoke.

Fibre filled cushions re-stuffed in Blackburn.

This cushion shows cracking in Potters barr, our technician gave it some tlc and the results are great.

Bad wear on the inside edges on these cushions, as you can see a great job done in Blackpool.

A deep scratch disappears on a nest of tables in Chingford.

A tear done by keys in the back pocket caused this; a perfect repair was done by our technician.


Dog damage repair was made virtually invisible when our technician finished in Catford.

This was badly damaged by the owners puppy, a great repair was the comment from a happy chappie in Ashford.

A panel on this recliner had to be replaced on site, our technician did a great job in Milton Keynes.

Dog damage to a sofa in Bromley, another great repair.

This was a sofa made to fit in a gap against the wall in a flat in Swindon. Steel brackets were used after the sofa was actually cut down in size.

Structural problems, the frame had broken leaving on side lower than the other. Stainless steel brackets and new timbers were used to get this back to as new.

This was nail varnish on a chair in Portsmouth. A perfect repair was the customers comment.

Scuff marks in a Bentley in Oxford. Customer comment: "I didn't think it would just disappear, many thanks".

A deep clean on a Rolls Royce in Surrey Quays, customer comment: "Amazing".

A badly damaged sofa in Huddersfield, the ladies comment: "Wow".

A Bentley seat, scratched by logo on jeans. The customer was very happy.

A badly damaged seat cushion in Bristol. the customer commented: "A great transformation".

Deep scratches on an arm of a very expensive sofa. The customer in Chelsea commented: "That's amazing".

A bad tear repair done for Mr Ali in Walsall.

Scuffs and scrapes on a sofa seat in Wakefield.

Cat scratches on a chair in Watford showing just what can be achieved by our specialists.

Cat scratches on a sofa in Oxford repaired to an excellent standard.

This lady spilt nail varnish remover on her sofa in Putney.  An excellent repair by one of our specialists.

Scratches on the seat of this car caused by studs on Jeans, an excellent repair.

This is what can be done, with this vinyl sofa, the arm had been torn by workmen, the repair was invisible when completed.

This sofa had lost colour and had damage to leather.  The damage was repaired and then colour matched perfectly by one of our scanning systems on site.

The wing on this chair had been subject to a previous bad, do it yourself repair.  Our specialist solved the problem.

Wear and tear and harsh sunlight caused this chair to look as it did.  Our technician did an excellent professional job.