Frequently Asked Questions

One of our regular repairs is leather

We can repair all types of leather on site from a scratch to a full re colour:
Scratches, Burns, Scuffs, Colour loss, Rips and tears, Greasy
head rests, Petdamage.


We use the best materials available for all of our work and carry the latest technology in colour matching leather there is available on the market today ensuring perfect colour matching every time.


Q. I have a large rip in my sofa , can it be fixed?
A. Yes we can either repair the damage or carry out a panel replacement, this will be dependent on how big the rip is

Q. Will it come apart again?
A. No, providing you allow the repair time to cure and settle

Q. Will it be invisible?
A. This will depend on the extent of the damage, panel replacements are obviously invisible

Q. Is it expensive?
A. Panel replacement can be expensive, this is why we assess first from the photo you send as we try to keep costs to a minimum for all customers

Q. What about colour matching?
A. The leather will be matched perfectly

Q. Will the paint come off after a while?
A. No, not unless your leather is contaminated with oil or grease

Q. How long will the job take?
A. Normally we are completed between 1-2 hours depending on how much work is required and what type of damage needs repairing

Q. Is there any guarantee?
A. Yes, but without inspecting the damage first it is difficult to assess how long to say

Sagging Back Cushions

There are two types of back cushions on any sofa:


One where you can remove the cushions, ie by zip or just lift off and then there are others that are sewn to the base and all fixed in.


Both cushion types can be re stuffed on site back to as new, but the loose cushions are cheaper to re stuff than the fixed ones,  the reason being is the only way to re stuff fixed cushions is by taking the seating section out to access them.

We find that many people who are having the seating sections done also have the back cushions done at the same time as it works out cheaper as we already have the frame apart for access,

Q. D they look as new?
A. Yes, they look great when done! Take a look at our before and after pics to see for yourself

Q. What do you stuff them with?
A. Fire retardant fibre, this is what is normally in them when they leave the manufacturers premises

Q. What if I wanted foam in them?
A. I would not recommend it as the foam can be costly and tends to lose shape after wards, where as the fibre does not

Structural Repairs

This type of repair is common with us, sometimes a knot in the wood can put stress on a rail and snap

Arms collapse, spring rails give in and pull out under the pressure
The good news is that they can all be repaired to as new!

Q. How do you fix the frame damage?
A. It all depends on what the damage is. Most of the time we either replace the rails or reinforce the steel brackets and fixings

Q. What is your success rate?
A. We can honestly say its 100%, we have never had a bed report on any of our structural repairs in 25 years

Q.How long will it take?
A. All dependent on what needs repairing and the type of sofa you have, normally around 1-2 hours

Q. What if there is more damage than we thought?
A. We are experts so do not worry, the technician will explain whats been found and tell you anything you want to know before work commences

Q. What if you cannot repair it?
A. This has never happened as yet but if it did then you would not pay anything