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Strong Leather Cleaning Kit (Large)

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Strong Leather Cleaning Kit (Large)

Strong Leather Cleaning Kit (Large)

Price: 14.99 (Including VAT at 20%)



This cleaning kit contains exactly the same cleaner and conditioner/ protector as professional leather technicians use every day all over the UK.
We recommend you dilute the strong cleaner before use as this is a very powerful product.
This is the real stuff! A great value for money cleaning kit.


- 250ml Strong cleaner in foaming bottle
- 200ml 3in1 cleaner, conditioner, stain protector
- 6 Application sponges
- 2 Buffing cloths
- 1 Pair Latex gloves


1. Take one of the application sponges and apply the strong foam cleaner.
2. Rub into the areas of dirt in swirling motions and wipe away any dirt fluid with a damp cloth or paper towel.
3. Use another application sponge with warm water to take off any excess dirt from the leather and then repeat the process until clean.
4. When your leather is clean rub on the conditioner with a clean applicator ensuring you push the creamy fluid into the grain. This will condition your leather at the same time it will waterproof and stain proof it to.
5. When the conditioner has soaked in and the leather is dry , buff up the areas with your buffing cloths.

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