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Nail Varnish Remover Kit

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Nail Varnish Remover Kit

Nail Varnish Remover Kit

Price: 22.50 (Including VAT at 20%)



This kit contains all that is needed to perform cosmetic repair on sofas and chairs with accidental nail varnish or paint spills to leather. Our easy to follow instructions will take you step by step through the repair process.

This kit is used by repair technicians on a daily basis all over the UK, now it has been made easy to use and direct to the public. Just choose a colour from our colour chart.


- Sealer
- 30ml Colour match
- 100ml Soft cleaner
- 6 Cotton buds
- Sponge applicators
- 2 Linen cloths
- 30ml Special remover
- Protective gloves


1. Clean the area with the soft cleaner and application sponge.
2. Take a cotton bud and dip one end into the special remover.
3. When the fluid has soaked In, lightly rub across the effective areas from the edge going inwards to the centre this will weaken the paint.
4. Dab with a paper towel to get the NAIL VARNISH off the leather.
5. Repeat this process from different angles always going into the centre of the damaged area to stop spreading out.
6. When the paint has gone, hair dry the area until completely dry.
7. Dab on the colour mix with a sponge applicator in damaged areas , use enough coats to cover the damaged areas, drying in between coats.
8. If you have kept the repair local and chose the right colour match then the damage now will look as if it has disappeared.
9. Finally use the sealant and dab over the areas repaired and hairdry.
10. Your leather will be ready for use in a few hours.

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