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Mild Cleaner

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Mild Cleaner

Mild Cleaner

Price: 11.99 (Including VAT at 20%)



This soft mild cleaner is one of the best leather cleaning products on the market today.
Used by leather technicians all over the UK. This product has not been diluted and is a very effective cleaner. A true value for money product.


- 250ml Cleaner in foaming bottle.
- 4 Application sponges.
- 2 Cleaning cloths.
- 1 Pair protective gloves


1. First squeeze some of the product in the foaming bottle onto the areas to be cleaned and rub in the foam solution around the area by hand (use gloves).
2. In doing this the foam cleaner will disperse inside the leather grain. This will dislodge the deep dirt in the area. Use a paper towel or one of the cleaning cloths provided and wipe away any of the foam solution from the areas.
3. In doing this you will find the cloth to be full of dirty foam liquid. Take and clean the cloth in warm water and wipe any remaining surface dirt.
4. Apply more cleaning product to one of the application sponges and rub again at the grubby areas.
5. Wipe away again and repeat the process.
6. When clean allow to dry for 10-15 min and use as normal

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