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Leather Care Kits

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Mild Leather Cleaner Kit
Mild Leather Cleaner Kit A fantastic easy to use value for money leather cleaner. This cleaner comes in kit form with sponges and a buffing cloth.

Strong Leather Cleaning Kit (Large)
Strong Leather Cleaning Kit (Large) This cleaning kit contains exactly the same cleaner and conditioner/ protector as professional leather technicians use every day all over the UK. This is the real stuff! A great value for money cleaning kit.

Strong In Car Leather Cleaning Kit
Strong In Car Leather Cleaning Kit This kit contains enough cleaner and conditioner to clean and rejuvenate the whole of an average family salon. This strong cleaner and conditioner is one of the most value for money kits available today.

Sticky Leather Kit
Sticky Leather Kit If your sofa has become sticky or tacky then the chances are your furniture is Bycast leather. This kit has been specially designed for you to rectify this problem once and for all!

Natural Leather Balm Kit
Natural Leather Balm Kit This product will hydrate, condition and nourish leather making it soft, supple and smooth used on protective leathers, can be used as part of leather maintenance plan to ensure longer lasting leather.

Nail Varnish Remover Kit
Nail Varnish Remover Kit This kit contains all that is needed to perform cosmetic repair on sofas and chairs with accidental nail varnish or paint spills to leather.

Mild Cleaner
Mild Cleaner This soft mild cleaner is one of the best leather cleaning products on the market today. This product has not been diluted and is a very effective cleaner.

Leather Refreshing Balm Coloured Kit
Leather Refreshing Balm Coloured Kit This refreshing balm will immediately enhance the feel and look of tired leather while at the same time nourish and feed the leather. This balm is applied with a sponge applicator.

Leather Mousse Cleaning Kit
Leather Mousse Cleaning Kit A mild leather mousse cleaner. When used this product is able to get right into the most difficult areas of your leather.

In Car 3 in 1
In Car 3 in 1 This product comes in a push button slender bottle ideal for glove box storage.
One of the best car leather maintenance product kits on the market today.

3 in 1 Leather Conditioner Kit
3 in 1 Leather Conditioner Kit A great value for money conditioner that actually cleans, conditions and at the same time will seal your leather and protect it from unwanted stains, leaving your leather soft and nourished.

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